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India is looking forward to further strengthening civilisational ties with Nepal and will most likely provide Nepal 12 million doses of the Coronavirus vaccine. Nepal has offers from China for their Sinovac vaccine as well, however, Nepalese officials have said that the Oli government prefers to get its vaccine supplies from India. Besides Nepal, India is coordinating with countries like Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Bhutan, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Maldives, Brazil, SAARC countries, African and South American countries, Kazakhstan, Bhutan, Afghanistan and Myanmar and Morocco to fight the Chinese virus.

Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha launched an industrial development scheme worth Rs 24,800 crore for the Union Territory. The scheme is aimed at uplifting over 4 lakh job seekers and create employment opportunities. Under this scheme, traditional cottage industries along with small to medium scale enterprises can avail investment opportunities.

India, Japan, South Korea, Germany and Europe have reported many cases of Bird Flu. Several Indian states have already sounded an alert, formed guidelines and sent samples for testing to contain the H5N8 strain of this disease. More than four lakh poultry birds have died in Haryana, Kerala has begun culling of chickens and ducks, about 155 dead crows have been found with the H5N8 strain in Madhya Pradesh and birds in Rajasthan have also been found positive with the infection.The virus has also reached 10 European countries.

It doesn't take long for fake news to spread and as India begins COVID-19 dry run, everyone must counter another menace- rumours and disinformation. There are some myths about the COVID-19 vaccines one must maintain social distance from. This report busts myths like vaccines developed too quickly by drug companies may not be safe or vaccines can cause Coronavirus in humans and many more.

As per the latest reports, Bird Flu has reached 13 countries, with thousands of birds dead. This report answers all questions. What is Bird Flu or Avian Flu? Can ‘Bird flu’ infect humans and is it contagious? Should one refrain from eating poultry and eggs? What are the symptoms of Bird Flu? Is there any treatment for Bird Flu? What is the prevention for Bird Flu? What are the precautions of Avian Flu?

Pro Trump mob stormed the US Capitol on Wednesday forcing lawmakers in to hiding in an attempt to overturn the US election result and disrupt electoral count. One lady has been shot dead as President Donald Trump’s die hard supporters clashed violently with local police and law enforcement officers. As per reports, 52 people have been arrested and the Washington DC Police has said the death toll has reached to 4. The attack was unfolded on the same day that Trump’s Republicans lost their majority in the Senate after losing two runoff elections in Georgia. As the crowds waved “Trump” flags, “Stop the Steal!” signs, the lawmakers inside the Chamber had to wear gas masks and were evacuated from the building through the underground tunnels to safety.

India’s Covishield and Covaxin are the hot topics in the world of vaccines against the Coronavirus these days. India is planning one of the world's biggest inoculation programmes, seeking to immunise about 300 million people by July against the Chinese virus. Country's drugs regulator has given the green light to both these vaccines. India’s efforts for arresting the Wuhan virus have already been appreciated by the international community and now India’s vaccines are being globally endorsed. Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft has lauded India's vaccine roll out in a tweet tagging PMO India.

The World Health Organization (WHO) gets a taste of Chinese duplicity. Dr. Tedros, the head of WHO said that he is ‘very disappointed’ with China for once again delaying the investigation into the origins of the Coronavirus pandemic. China has denied entry to an international team of 10 experts who were to reach China for this probe. This was a long awaited mission to investigate the Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicentre of the virus.

1st step for getting Covid 19 Vaccination in India is to register on CoWIN system using a valid Photo-ID. This could be an Aadhar Card, Driving License, or even a PAN Card. Then, the beneficiary will receive SMS messages for further guidance on their registered mobile number. On reaching the Vaccination Site, registration will be checked and documents will be verified, beneficiaries will be vaccinated, observation of beneficiaries for 30 mins will be done and lastly, beneficiaries will be called in for the second shot of the Covid19 vaccine.

No visa or passport required for these visitors - these 'tourists' visit the wetlands of the Valley all the way from Siberia and East Europe. There's a reason Kashmir is known as 'Paradise on Earth' as twenty different bird species migrate to this region during the winter, delighting locals and tourists alike. Eco-tourism plays a big role for the economic benefit of the locals as nature lovers and bird watchers from around the world visit J&K during this time and witness this spectacle and wonder of nature.

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