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Moeed Yusuf, a former academic at the US Institute of Peace (USIP), is the brain behind Pakistan's move to formalise its illegal occupation of Gilgit-Baltistan. As NSA to Imran Khan, it comes at a time when China is seeking some good news for its CPEC & BRI projects, which cuts across PoK. The move is seen in response of India's abrogation of Article 370 and as Islamabad has no legal claims on Kashmir, this sudden formalising of LoC is a move to complicate matters at the expense of the local population who in recent times have demanded ceding to India.

In a joint investigative report by IPAC & Reuters, it was found that over half a million Tibetans have been transferred as forced labour across China. The move comes as China exploits the global economic downturn by using forced labour in a repeat of treatment meted out to the ethnic Uyghurs in East Turkistan. With lack of access to foreign press, it is difficult to determine the real numbers and the type of labour laws applied on the Tibetans

The All Party Conference in Islamabad has seen the formation of an alliance against the Imran Khan-led government in Pakistan. The opposition parties allege that PTI government has failed to uphold its election promises and is a puppet of the deep state and the military establishment. This comes in the wake of failed foreign policy with Saudi Arabia, increasing global isolation and rising hate crime against religious and ethnic minorities. There's fear of Pakistan becoming a vassal state of China with its CPEC project

Xi Jinping's anti-corruption drive is nothing short of silencing critics and dissidents. Recently, Chinese property tycoon Ren Zhiqiang was arrested on alleged charges of bribery and misappropriation of government funds, although no criminal charges have been mentioned. Ren Zhiqiang has been a vocal critic of Xi's policies and mishandling China's global image due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Human rights activist, Amjad Ayub Mirza, speaks out about missing Uyghurs from East Turkistan. He highlights the mass atrocities committed in the name of development and 're-education' by China where many Uyghurs disappear, very few lucky ones manage to get out or escape. Along with this, he questions Pakistan as an Islamic nation for being mute about this issue.

To further strengthen itself in the island city, Hong Kong police issued a diktat by Beijing in dismissing local reporters as journalist. The statement issued by HK police requires reporters to register with China's Information Services. It comes at a time when China has dismissed the 'One country, two system' policy

Despite the COVID19 pandemic, foreign ministers of India, Japan, Australia and USA are to meet in Tokyo next month. This is to renew the Quad and meet newly appointed Japan PM Shuga. The Quad meeting will also see discussions in dealing with China and maintaining rule of law in the Indo-Pacific region

With PashtunLongMarch2Wana trending on Pakistan's Twitter trend, the protest highlighted issues of enforced disappearance, terror groups roaming freely in the region and atrocities on the local Pashtuns by the Pakistan Army. The Pashtuns also raised demands for equal opportunity in work and not be derided as second-class citizens. Pashtuns like many other ethnic groups in Pakistan have been facing systemic discrimination from government offices, job opportunities and fight against poverty. The Imran Khan-led government is failing in their vision of 'Naya Pakistan' (New Pakistan), where old wounds are still left open.

A new document has surfaced showing Pakistan giving VIP protocols & treatment to some of India's most wanted, including Dawood Ibrahim. This comes as Islamabad is trying their best to create an illusion of taking action against UN sanctioned terrorists & terror organisations in a bid to avoid getting blacklisted. India, along with Afghanistan, have provided multiple examples of Pakistan being in cahoots with such elements

In a document revealed by China, an estimated 8 million Uyghurs have been sent to detention and concentration camps in the name of either 're-education' or 'terrorism'. Multiple reports have suggested a state-sponsored systemic pogrom against the mainly Muslim Turkic minority of East Turkistan. Along with this, human rights groups have accused Beijing of heavy-handedness and genocide by curbing freedom of religion and forcing women sterilisation.

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