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Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam remains a popular youth figure even after his death. A much loved figure, he is credited to bring glory to India with his nuclear and space researches. As President of India, he always inspired the youth to work for the nation and even opened the Presidential palace for talented students to visit the place. Down to earth and culturally attuned to the finest of Indian culture, his humbleness was always endearing to all.

The government nominated former vice-chancellor of University of Mysore and Karnataka State Open University Prof K.S. Rangappa, as a member...

Scientists specializing in different aspects of the Himalayas held a talk on ‘Himalayan seismicity–risk awareness and mitigation, and journey of...

The research is led by a team of Indian-origin scientists in the US. All of them are part of the Clemson Nanomaterials Institute in South Carolina

The drug has great potential to help patients who suffer from drug resistance as well as those who will benefit from a longer-acting, injectable anti-HIV drug cocktail

The dent has not created any visible impacts on daily life on Earth, but it could pose risk to satellites and spacecraft that pass through it

The Indian and British Prime Ministers announced the formal creation of the UK-India Tech Partnership in April 2018

Using Hubble's telescope, astronomers are finding the Ozone kind off layers in exoplanets. Ozone is the source of the protective shield

Results show that Interleukin-6 inhibitor is a more effective treatment method as compared to other options

The ICAR every year rewards the institutions, scientists, teachers, farmers and agricultural journalists every year for their outstanding performance in research and innovation on agriculture

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