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The exhibition ‘Son of heaven and the steppes — Genghis Khan and the birth of the Mongol empire’ was to...

A teacher in Paris was beheaded by a lone Islamist for depicting an image of the Prophet Mohammad to his student. The teacher who wanted to explain the meaning of freedom of expression, used the example of the incident involving satire magazine Charlie Hebdo and its aftermath. Acknowledging that it may cause offense to his Muslim students, the teacher excused them from the class as he wished to show the magazine's images. The lone knife-man who is not related to any students of the school nor associated with any of the parents, took matters in his own hands and killed the teacher. When confronted, he tried to attack the police, who shot him dead. This comes amidst France trying to keep its fundamental spirit of freedom alive against the rigid and rapid rise of extreme Islamic thoughts and trends in the country.

French President Emmanuel Macron called the beheading of a teacher in a north-western suburb of Paris an “Islamist terrorist attack”,...

French President Emmanuel Macron has announced plans for tougher laws to tackle what he called “Islamist separatism” and defend secular...

France criticized Turkey's stance and sent reinforcement to the Eastern Mediterranean in support of Greece.

The US, Britain and France support India's permanent membership while Russia is lukewarm in its backing and China is against it

The 14 suspects are accused of helping the two Islamist attackers who shot dead 12 people, including the magazine's editor Stephane Charbonnier

In response to a US letter, France, Germany and the UK have said that they will not suppor American sanctions on Iran but would prefer dialogue

Greece deploys warships to monitor Turkish seismic research vessel Oruc Reis, France sends Rafale jets, naval frigate and Israel expresses its full support even as Turkey refuses to stop its arrogant expansionist policies

Twitter labels accounts of Chinese diplomats, state-backed media organizations and its editors as 'government accounts' or 'state-affiliated media' even as China calls it a 'political move to satisfy Trump'

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