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Communist Party of China

A mysterious virus from Wuhan, China, has torpedoed global development and economy, leading to a geopolitical shift that is still...

China has launched a massive program to convert millions of rural Tibetans into factory workers. An initiative designed to provide...

The Chinese have been hit by panic, fear and confusion, with President Xi Jinping calling for Clean Plate Campaign last...

Washington also bolsters its military deployments at key locations in the Indo-Pacific. On August 12, three state-of-the-art radar evading B-2 bombers, widely recognised as the most advanced in the world, arrived at the US Indian Ocean base of Diego Garcia

In efforts to militarily intimidate India, the Communist Party of China and its strongman Xi Jinping seem to have grossly underestimated the Indian resolve to act against Chinese aggression.

With Xi’s reaffirmation as leader at par with Mao, India confronts a ‘reality check’ presenting the unvarnished truth that the contest between two rising civilizational states may have only just begun

China is cracking down on dissidence as intellectuals criticise President Xi for usurping powers and mishandling the coronavirus crisis. Outside, China is trying to browbeat neighbors into giving up their territories and rights to seas.

Concerned about its global isolation over it military aggression, the Communist Party of China is also afraid that the domestic discontent may assume alarming proportions, even a repeat of the Tiananmen Square

Restrictions will soon be enforced in Hebei, and the experiment will be carried out in Zhejiang province and the city of Shenzhen in October

Indians protest outside the Chinese consulate in Vancouver over Ladakh faceoff even as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is angry and frustrated with China for charging two Canadians with spying

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