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China has drawn its “iron brother” Pakistan into a global food security dragnet, which covers vast farmlands in developing countries,...

Unicef has given a call to African countries to re-open schools immediately but with care and caution. The UN agency...

A Kenyan food import company, Magnum Africa, operating from Nairobi has rekindled hopes at the headquarters of India’s external Intelligence...

A team of 15 specialists will go later this month to Goma in DRC where the hospital run by India since January 2005 already has 90 Indians including 18 specialists

With Nigeria standing on the no-polio podium, global efforts converge on the last two countries standing—Pakistan and Afghanistan—which are still battling the virus.

When tanks are being mobilised in Ladakh, boats are being smashed in the South China Sea, and nations are being threatened with starvation of water flowing across Asian borders out of the Tibetan highlands, how can President Xi's slogan of establishing a "community of shared future for mankind" inspire credibility?

In 2019, Zimbabwe signed a mining deal with a Chinese firm Tsignchan worth $2 billion to extract iron ore, chrome, coal, nickel and other natural resources. China is the biggest investor in the African country but locals complain of exploitation and unethical practices

Kenya is one of China’s largest trade partners in Africa and owes $6.5 billion to China, 21.9 per cent of its total external debt. China’s influence in Africa has been growing with its loans

China has invested billions of dollars in infrastructure projects like roads, railways, ports and power under its ambitious Belt and Road Initiative or BRI in African and Asian countries

China is one of the biggest investors in debt-ridden Zambia, yet locals have started hating the Chinese people in their country

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