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Lead researcher Kishalay Mitra says that in India, biofuels generated from non-food sources is the most promising source of carbon-neutral renewable energy

The company is already manufacturing PPE kits in and around Agra, and supplying to various hospitals. It now has an annual production target of over one million PPE kits, using the licensed knowhow of NavRakshak to meet the increased requirement of PPE kits enforced by the Covid crisis

Germany has passed a regulation to ban disposable plastic products like cutlery, plates, drinking straws, cups, fast food packaging and disposable food containers made of styrofoam. Environment Minister Svenja Schulze says the ban will lead to better, innovative and environmentally friendly products and solutions.

Magnetocaloric materials can provide controlled heating required to kill the tumor cells. Used in conjunction with radiation therapy, the method would reduce the side effects, and also the treatment time

The Bush Fire burning in northeast of Phoenix, US state of Arizona, is growing bigger. Many people have evacuated the area while the others have been put on alert mode.

Foldscope, invented by an Indian scientist Manu Prakash, is an affordable origami-based microscopy device composed of a series of paper clippings

The mask, which annihilates pathogenic microorganisms, has the hydrophobic surface on the outer layer to deflect water droplets containing the viruses

The new test, which is said to be more accurate, awaits approval from the Indian Council of Medical Research

3-D printing using inexpensive printers is a huge business opportunity in point-of-use and distributed manufacturing in almost any sector which can be harnessed by MSMEs

Dr Dipanjan Pan at the University of Maryland School of Medicine develops a test that visually detects coronavirus quickly without the use of advanced laboratory techniques.

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