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The prominent journalist implies that both India and China have irredentist fantasies, so there is nothing sinister about China. He makes both countries look equally bad, or at least China not exceptionally bad. For this very reason, Leftist intellectuals will like his stand on China

The Centre's initiative in bringing in a 'new space regime' has laid a solid foundation for India to multiply its capabilities in space by several-fold

Countries that resumed trade with China could put a stop as a preventive measure once again. At a time, when its economy is slowing with rising unemployment, domestic consumption may not suffice

From coronavirus to Galwan Valley savagery, from sinking Vietnamese boats to nurturing abusive wolf warriors, Xi Jinping's foreign policy and China's image are in shreds. Mouthing lies and unleashing the PLA cannot right the wrongs.

Economy is the sine qua non of war. This should be an axiom of any country’s foreign policy. For as the Roman statesman and thinker Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43 BC) said the sinews of war are infinite money. It’s a time-tested truth

Indira Gandhi shelved civil liberties after declaring the Emergency but it is not possible to sketch that bleak episode on a wide enough canvas without touching such disparate points on the world atlas as Latin America and India’s cow belt

About 20 years before Pakistan was born, Iqbal and Jinnah supported the Muslim fanatic who had murdered a publisher for publishing a book that Muslims felt maligned the Prophet

While the world is still caught up with the whys of the medieval-era assault by the PLA in the picturesque but deadly Galwan Valley and India is mulling over how to tame the dragon in the China shop, the neighborhood bully ratchets the conflict to cyber space.

In one swift military manoeuvre in the Ladakh mountains, China has swept away all diplomatic and economic gains the two Asian giants had built studiously. With China baring its dragon fangs again from inside the LAC, will India be left with just the military option?

Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists are against civilization as we know it. They are not just righting the wrongs of history; they are agitating against history. They want to smear everything from the past—art, culture, literature, philosophy, religion, et al—and begin anew

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