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Researchers have found that stevioside, a natural plant-based glycoside found in leaves of Honey yerba, when coated on nanoparticles, can increase the efficiency of magnetic hyperthermia-mediated cancer therapy

The primary funding vehicle for MegaLab and MegaTx is the Rs 21,000 crore MegaFund. MegaTx will design systems for mass collection and testing of blood donated by recovered C19 patients

Delhi CM also appealed to all Delhi hospitals for holding a counseling class for cured COVID-19 patients to encourage them to donate plasma until a vaccine of the disease is available

India has emerged as one of the significant vaccine manufacturing hubs. The vaccine for novel coronavirus may be developed anywhere in the world, but without Indian manufacturers involved the production of required quantity is not going to be feasible

Biohub is a a joint collaborative effort by UC Berkeley, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and Stanford University funded by a $600 million commitment from Mark Zuckerberg

The University of Barcelona claims that it found samples of coronavirus in the sewage water in Barcelona in Spain in March 2019, leading to speculation about the origins of the virus in the waste water.

One of India's largest coronavirus treatment facility is coming up at south Delhi with assistance from the Radha Soami Satsang spiritual organisation, the ITBP, Delhi government and the Union government.

Updated protocol includes use Dexamethasone as an alternative to Methylprednisolone for managing moderate to severe cases

JS Bhogal, senior consultant, gastroenterology, Fortis Noida explains that drinking alcohol can increase the risk of liver diseases.During the process, harmful substances are produced that can damage the liver

Preetha Reddy Vice Chairperson, Apollo Hospitals says that there is an urgent need to revamp the Indian healthcare system. Reddy says that there is a need to provide solutions to short terms problems caused due by Covid-19 as well as long-standing structural gaps in our healthcare.

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