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I am often confronted with a question about how to create global awareness about the Balochistan movement. Common answers would...

China's growing footprint in Pakistan has re-ignited the Baloch insurgency with Balochis feeling doubly exploited—since decades by Pakistan and now by China

If the grave human rights situation isn't addressed soon, the Shia Hazaras, Ahmadis, Hindus, Christians, Zikris and other minorities will soon be wiped off soon from Balochistan

Around 60-70 per cent children in the primary and secondary age group are reported to be out of school in Balochistan, the 'enforced disappearances' and 'extrajudicial arrests' of teachers and students has only aggravated the situation

Shaheena Shaheen, a Baloch journalist and women empowerment campaigner was allegedly murdered by her husband, though, various reports suggest otherwise. The investigation is ongoing

The Baloch movement for independence from Pakistan is taking shape as exiled leaders join hands for a government-in-exile

Peaceful protests with photographs of the missing people and placards seeking justice against Pakistan oppression are common in Balochistan. But little is being done by international agencies to address the situation

The generals and other Chinese stooges fatten from the controversial corridor even as it spells doom for the economy and the people of Gwadar in Balochistan

Cases of polio keep coming from various areas as vaccination was suspended for five months because of the coronavirus pandemic

Artist-activist-journalist Shaheena Shaheen is the latest victim of systematic, state-sponsored genocide taking place in Pakistan's Balochistan province

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