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India has detained a Chinese soldier in the Demchok sector in eastern Ladakh from Indian territory. According to the protocols...

Zambia has asked its external creditors for debt-service suspension as the southern African nation edges to default highlighting the limitations...

In latest attack at Helmand province by Taliban, Afghan investigators uncovered Jaish-e-Mohammad operatives posing as Taliban members among the dead. Afghanistan along with India has been constantly showing evidence of Pakistan's deep connection with Taliban by using their proxies such as JeM and Lashkar-e-Taiba operatives. The recent discovery points to the fact that the Taliban in Afghanistan is now being driven by ISI backed terror outfits and poses a joint threat to both India and Afghanistan, along with potential to upset the region. Amidst FATF decision to potentially blacklist Pakistan, this uncovering of evidence proves Islamabad in bed with terror groups and leaders

A teacher in Paris was beheaded by a lone Islamist for depicting an image of the Prophet Mohammad to his student. The teacher who wanted to explain the meaning of freedom of expression, used the example of the incident involving satire magazine Charlie Hebdo and its aftermath. Acknowledging that it may cause offense to his Muslim students, the teacher excused them from the class as he wished to show the magazine's images. The lone knife-man who is not related to any students of the school nor associated with any of the parents, took matters in his own hands and killed the teacher. When confronted, he tried to attack the police, who shot him dead. This comes amidst France trying to keep its fundamental spirit of freedom alive against the rigid and rapid rise of extreme Islamic thoughts and trends in the country.

In an operation to nab a local terrorist, the Indian army showed its professionalism and humanity when they managed to reunite the gunman with his father in Chadoora, Budgam district of Jammu and Kashmir. The father touched the feet of the Indian army soldiers and thanked them for saving the life of his son who was misled by local terror cells to create havoc in the region. The incident was deemed a success due to zero loss of life and being able to reunite the local militant with his father and family. The Indian army throughout the operation kept cool and calm under pressure while assuring the youth of no harm if he surrendered to them. Luckily for everyone, the youth complied and was sent home to his family.

On October 22, Jammu and Kashmir will observe 'Black Day' to highlight Pakistan's aggression to the region and the on-going illegal occupation of territories in Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir. In 1947, Pakistan army along with tribal Pathan militia unleashed hell in the then princely state of J&K. Islamabad went against a standstill agreement with the Maharaja Hari Singh, who wished to remain independent. Witnessing the atrocities on the region and the people, the Maharaja decided to join the Union of India and sought military assistance from the Indian army. While this process was on, Pakistan looted, plundered, raped and killed many Kashmiris including Hindus and Sikhs. The 'Black Day' event recognises the sacrifices made by the people of J&K against Pak aggression and demands full merger with illegal occupied territories to bring peace in the region under the Constitution of India.

Pakistan shamelessly claims the entire region of Jammu and Kashmir by forgetting due to their army's brutality, the region acceded to India in 1947, giving legal right to the Union of India as the sole sovereign nation to administer the region. Even when Islamabad claims that they have a claim based on religion, they need a reminder that the mainly Muslim population of J&K have rejected them, ever since the abrogation of articles 370 & 35A. Here, one can easily figure out that Pakistan has no intention to leave the region in peace.

Today, Pakistan has no claim over Jammu and Kashmir. They are illegally occupying Indian territory and it has always been Pakistan's longer term plan to keep the battle open as a distraction for India. In 1947, Pakistan initiated an unprovoked attack against the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir, which led to the Maharaja signing a treaty of accession with the Union of India. This video gives the background information on how Islamabad attempted to take the entire region of J&K and unleashed unmentionable atrocities on the indigenous population of the region.

A narrative on Kashmir is always one-sided with Pakistan harping anti-India statements. They easily forget the atrocities with which the Pakistan army & their tribal raiders unleashed hell on the civilians of Kashmir, killing Hindus & Sikhs and any one who could not quote from the Quran. The Indian Army was swift in its action to stop the marauders and push them out of the civilian areas, taking Pakistan by surprise by their sheer grit and determination against all odds.

As Jammu & Kashmir begins to observe 'Black Day' against Pakistan's military brutality in 1947, listen to some of the real stories of Kashmir's darkest days when Pakistan army backed by tribal Pathan militia raided Baramulla, killing, looting, and raping the citizens. This was all an attempt by Islamabad to get Kashmir into their country against the accord signed with the Maharaja of J&K who eventually chose to accede with India and protect his region and the people.

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