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Women across Turkey carried out protest marches over increasing violence against women. Rights groups believe that sexual abuse and domestic violence have increased under President Erdogan's rule.

This will be the third direct election for electing the Tibetan leadership since the complete devolution of political authority by the Dalai Lama

The areas of collaboration include high-frequency, high-resolution indicators for monitoring economic recovery, focus on the food processing sector

Playback legend tweets: The dreams of several kings, several generations and the devotees of Lord Ram from across the world, which they have been nurturing over the ages, is being fulfilled today

Results show that Interleukin-6 inhibitor is a more effective treatment method as compared to other options

Hundreds of Kashmiris are today celebrating Bangus Awaam Mela to commemorate the first anniversary of the scrapping of the controversial Article

China is seeking stronger ties with South Korea, a key ally of the US, as it handles increasingly acrimonious competition with Washington on multiple fronts

TikTok has nearly 80 million users in the US, who have grown to rely on the platform for building a career in social media and earn a living

The project is expected to help the MoD to identify the cause and nature of grievances and bring about systemic changes and policy interventions wherever required

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